Natural Light: An E-Cookbook Project Update

28 October 2010

Looks Good Enough to Eat I’ve had a marathon cooking week. I’ve been cooking every recipe I’m including in the book, along with side dishes and desserts, so that I can photograph each dish before adding it to the cookbook. Food photography is tricky—the food must look appetizing above all else—so I’ve been playing with […]

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The Big 3-0, or, Why You Should Stay at the Hilton on Your Birthday

11 January 2010

The Hilton, ahh, the Hilton, is a great place to spend your birthday night. Anything you need, they’re there. If you need a corkscrew, here’s room service with a souvenir Hilton opener. If you break that one because it’s plastic and it won’t remove a synthetic cork, here’s room service again, laughing along with you […]

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England: Bath to Exeter

17 December 2009

It has been a while since my last post. I realize this now, but of course, it didn’t seem that way until I sat down and counted up the days. How time flies when you don’t have to pay attention to it! So, to those of you who have been wondering: I am indeed still […]

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My Paris Apartment

5 October 2009

My apartment is a little quirky. It’s centrally located, so I can walk everywhere, but it is fairly expensive—for me, not for Paris—so it’ll work for a couple of months, but not for much longer. It’s a fairly large studio in an older building, though not a historic one. I can see one of those […]

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Wrote My First Book!

30 September 2009

That’s right, I am a published author. I guess I already was, but with only a few bylines thus far, each new publication is a major accomplishment. The Little LIP Guide to Alaska is available on the Location Independent website. I’ve become a fan of the site since deciding to become location independent myself—the site […]

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