Parlez-vous Francais?

20 September 2009

Moi, oui. Sort of. Two weeks’ worth of French lessons have greatly improved my capacity to speak and understand. Alas, my last day of lessons has come and gone, and I was just feeling as if I was getting the hang of it. Unfortunately, the lessons are expensive, and there are so many other things […]

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Leaving Hope

22 July 2009

It’s funny how my hometown sits so close to my heart, but when I’m here I can hardly wait to leave. The things that I love most about it are also the things that I can’t stand, especially when I’ve been here for longer than I’d hoped. The fact that everyone knows me is simultaneously […]

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Bear Protection

11 June 2009

Back in Alaska, back in Seward, back at Bear Lake. Trooper and I have had a couple of small adventures since I’ve arrived, but most of my time has been taken up with the operations of the B&B, so I haven’t been able to start my “New Things in Seward (or the Peninsula)” project. I’ve […]

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Welcome to My New Blog!

24 January 2009

Britta’s Holiday Letter (if she had written one): Greetings friends and family! I hope this letter finds you well and prosperous. I am well; prosperous is another issue. This year found me in many different places, although I hesitate to call it travel. Even heading North to Alaska isn’t travel when you’re heading to your […]

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