The Norwegian Experience

Liverpool: The Emigrant Experience

28 February 2010

Everybody goes to Liverpool to remember the Beatles. It’s appropriate, of course, since they are still the towns most famous export. However, they are probably not the town’s most important legacy — that honor, in my opinion, belongs to its role as the main jumping off point for thousands upon thousands of European immigrants to […]

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Minnesota, and a Bit of Alaska

5 August 2009

My travels have begun! I have been on the road now for 6 days, though it seems like more, and they’ve all been full of adventure, excitement, laughter and insight—just like I was hoping. Alaska I had one last Alaska adventure before I left, kayaking with my sister near Portage. We paddled lakes and rivers […]

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19 May 2009

Well, my time here has drawn to a close. Tonight I head back to Alaska, back to Seward for a summer of B&B’ing and, hopefully, a little adventure thrown in. While there were parts of running the B&B that I really enjoyed — meeting fellow travelers from all over the world, each with their own […]

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