Well, my time here has drawn to a close. Tonight I head back to Alaska, back to Seward for a summer of B&B’ing and, hopefully, a little adventure thrown in. While there were parts of running the B&B that I really enjoyed — meeting fellow travelers from all over the world, each with their own story, was the best part — it was a lot of work, and I had little free time. I’m hoping to streamline things a little more this summer, and possibly enlist some outside help, so that I do in fact have a little time off.

Actually, I have a plan for this summer. Well, at this point it’s really just an idea because it will depend on just how much free time I get: I’m thinking I’ll try to do something I’ve never done in and/or around Seward or the Peninsula (or farther, if I run out of ideas), and then blog about being a traveler in my hometown. I think that every other week sounds reasonable — it gives me a little time to come up with an idea, and to find someone to cover for me if need be.

During my time with Grandma, I became a little more interested in my family history, and that’s something I’ll be exploring further as well. My plans for post-summer activities tentatively include seeking out the family that stayed in the Old Country. I got their addresses from Grandma, and I’ll be regularly updating this blog with my explorations into my own history, and, later, perhaps my exploits through Norway, and the rest of the world.

So with that, I say farewell to California (and the 90+ degree heat), and greet a busy but potentially rewarding summer. Hmm, what have I never done in Seward?

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Aunt Cindy May 31, 2009 at 12:15 pm

Britta, Caring for your Grandmother was such a generous gift you gave and we are forever blessed and thankful! Although you did not travel physically, it seems you went to new places and made some unique discoveries. I hope your future odyssey finds you exploring the beauty of this planet and telling us all about your adventures. May God grant your heart’s desires and bless your travels. xo, AC

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