City by the Sea

18 January 2014

As far as the big cities in New Zealand go, I think Wellington is at the top of my list. We’ve stayed there twice now, once on our way to the South Island, and once on our way back from the South Island, and while our experiences were different both times, what we’ve seen is […]

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Rotorua: Sulphur City

25 December 2013

After Auckland, our next stop was Rotorua. The town is built in the middle of an active volcanic area, and there are steam vents and boiling pools and mud pits dotted throughout town. A distinctive sulphur smell hangs in the air as well, and we learned from the manager of our hostel that when the […]

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Auckland: Introduction to New Zealand

3 December 2013

Our entry into New Zealand was not a rough one. Despite the 9-hour flight, the shortest route from the U.S. to New Zealand, by way of Honolulu instead of LA, and the fact that we lost a day—Tuesday, Nov. 12 simply didn’t exist for us—New Zealand, Auckland specifically, wasn’t so dramatic of a change for […]

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The Great American Road Trip

18 August 2013

Nearly 20,000 miles has taken us from Alaska to Maine to California, and through a fair bit of Canada. We’ve dipped our toes in the Atlantic and in the Pacific, but we’ve spent most of our time in the mountains and around the lakes and streams both near and far from the coasts. We’ve been […]

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The National Park that didn’t want us

1 July 2013

First, our fire wouldn’t stay lit. We were cooking foil dinners, Brian’s favorite camping meal, over the fire that night, our first night in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, but the “fire” was still just smoke. Two separate attempts to start it left us with coals, but not much flame. We even went to the […]

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